Riverdale Fire Department, Inc.
4714 Queensbury Road Riverdale Park Maryland   20737 United States
301.883.7707 [MAIN] 301.856.0948 [FAX]

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4714 Queensbury Road
Riverdale ParkMaryland 20737
United States
301.883.7707 [Main]
301.856.0948 [FAX]


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Friday, 27 April 2007 19:48




 Adams, Christopher  Life
 Aguilar, Carlos  Probationary
 Andrus, Joanna
 Amaro, Ana
 Barcenas, John  Life
 Blazek, Tony   Rescue Captain 
 Bock, Gregory  FF/EMT
 Bunn, Gerald  FF/EMT
 Campbell, John  FF/EMT
 Carpio, Brian  Fire Chief
 Cease, Robert  Life
 Cohen, Martin  Life  
 Coleman, Daniel  Life
 Conner, Michael  Life
 Davis, Steven  Life
 Dempster, Timothy  Life
 Dixon, Gerard  Life
 Donaldson, John  Life
 Donaldson, Paul  Life
 Edney, Stephen  Life
 Evers, Kurt  Life
 Ford, Edward  Sargent
 Frame, Scott  FF/EMT
 Gagliardi, Joel  FF/EMT
 Garman, Chris   Life
 Garman, Timothy  FF/EMT
 Gignac, Sarah  EMT
 Hall, Ronald **  Life
 Harrison, Vincent  Life
 Jenikins, Daneal
 Johns, James III  Life
 Johns, Nova  Life
 Jones, Galen  FF/EMT- Military
 Khachaturyan, Georgiy  EMT
 Lamphier, Stephen  FF/EMT
 LeHew, Billy
 Long, Timothy  Life
 Lyles, Stephen  FF
 Marshall, Navarre
 Mattison, Cheri
 McClary, Michael
 McGill, James  Life
 Monge, Jonathan
 Naples, Michael   Tower Lieutenant
 Nash, Kevin  Assistant Chief
 Olszewski, Michael
 Perkins, Marcus  Engine Lieutenant
 Peyton, Perry  Life
 Pfister, Mark  FF/EMT
 Purcell, Jeffrey  Life
 Ray, James  FF/EMT
 Richardson, James
 Ryan, Charles III  Life
 Ryan, Charles Jr.  Life
 Sheckels, Robert  Life
 Slye, David  Life
 Stedman, Barbara
 Steere, Jeffery
  FF / EMT
 Stinchcomb, Charles
 Sutton, David  Deputy Chief
 Swauger, Michael  Life
 Van Buren, Paris
 Way, Brandon  Probationary- Military
 Whiting, David  Life
 Worsham, Martin  Life
 Woynicz, Christopher
  Probationary - Military
 Yasmann, Anthony   Probationary
 Zapata, Ramon  EMT
 Zentgraf, Andrea

** On April 24, 1989, at 1809 hrs. (6:09 pm), when en route to a call, Engine 71 overturned. Since it was a canopy cab, with two stand-up position, both stand-up personnel in the buckets were ejected from the vehicle.  One was thrown clear while the other was pinned under the vehicle's driver's side.  After a half hour of extrication, F/F Ronald L. Hall was removed and transported to the trauma unit at Prince George's County Hospital Center.  It was later determined that to save his life, a portion of his leg would have to be amputated.  To show the spirit of a fireman, Ronnie is still undergoing therapy, but can still be found at the firehouse or attending departmental functions.  Anything to be part of the action that is the Riverdale Fire Department.  For his dedication and determination, his name will forever be carried on the rolls of The Riverdale Fire Department, Inc.

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