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4714 Queensbury Road
Riverdale ParkMaryland 20737
United States
301.883.7707 [Main]
301.856.0948 [FAX]


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Friday, 27 April 2007 21:25

The Riverdale Fire Department consists of 6 different classes of membership.  These different classes of membership offer different benefits, but also require differing amounts of time, training, and activity from the member.

PROBATIONARY - This class of membership is bestowed upon all persons applying for membership in the department.  It has a 6 month duration at minimum, and members must submit a request to the membership to be removed from probationary status.  This period allows the member to get the basic training, learn internal department rules and regulations, and is a period of introduction of the member to the remainder of the membership.  This where you "make it or break it".

JUNIOR MEMBER - This class of membership is reserved for those members having served their probationary period, and are between the ages of 16 and 18.  They are are provided all the benefits and privledges of a regular member, except for the ability to hold office, or vote in meetings.

REGULAR MEMBER - This is the standard class of membership in the department and is open to any citizen who has attained the age of 18, who is physically able to perform the duties assigned to them, is of good character, and is not affiliated with any other volunteer fire department (other than by Honorary or Associate membership, or by employment).  Regular members must remain active, participate in a minimum number of drills and meetings each month, and participate in the "duty day" program. Regular members are the only members permitted to hold office in the department.

LIFE MEMBER - Life membership is available for any member who has rendered 10 years of active service to this department.  Life membership status must be approved by 2/3 or the membership present at the business meeting when the request is made.  Life members are considered "retired" and are not required to attend department meetings or functions. However, a life member that wishes to retain riding status, must maintain an active participation in company drills.  Life members can only hold administrative offices, and upon election to a line office forfeit their life membership status.

HONORARY - Honorary membership is conveyed upon those persons as the department may elect.  They have no riding status, and may only attend department social activities when approved by the department if the department is to incur an expense by allowing his/her attendance.  This class of membership is generally reserved for elected officials, professionals in the community, and those persons who express a desire to aid the department with fundraising activities, administrative work, etc.

ASSOCIATE - Associate membership is generally identical to Honorary membership, with a few exceptions.   Associate members, after having determined their eligibility under current regulations, may actively participate in fire/EMS operations.  This class of membership is reserved for members of other departments (outside of Prince George's County) who show an interest in riding emergency calls with our department.

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